Hexagon Form Acoustic Panel iZi Sound – Hexa

The iZi Sound Hexa is a hexagonal wall acoustic panel with high sound-absorbing properties. It effectively absorbs the sound energy in the room, and reducing the reverberation time (RT60). It is an eco-friendly product while is made from recycled plastic bottles.


The iZi Sound Hexa acoustic panel is used to improve the acoustic performance of any hall and reduce the reverberation time, thus helping to address unwanted reflections and standing waves. The iZi Sound Hexa acoustic panels also have the advantage of being economical and eco-friendly. They are made from materials completely free of any phenolic formaldehyde binders. The material’s density remains consistent throughout its thickness, ensuring excellent acoustic properties. During the production process, the polyester fibers are thermally bonded without the use of any chemicals. It has a weighted sound absorption coefficient of αw=1 according to ISO 11654.1997.

The iZi Sound Hexa acoustic panel is made from an innovative new generation eco-friendly product, consisting mainly of thermally bonded layers of recycled polyester fibers. It is certified according to ISO 16000: Indoor air quality, VOC & Formaldehyde free by CSI-SpA Italy

Installation on the wall is easy without requiring experience, using a special fitting and a hook that screws into the wall. The lightweight nature of the sound-absorbing panel also facilitates easy installation.

The series product of iZi Sound acoustic panels, in addition to containing recycled PET polyester fibers, is fully recyclable, contributing to the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

The iZi Sound Hexa is available in its basic form, and with two face options. One Felt face (iZi Sound Hexa Felt) and one Wood face (iZi Sound Hexa Wood).
These faces create a multitude of aesthetic options that can complement the unique aesthetics of any space. In the Felt option, there is a variety of different colors to choose from, and in the Wood option, different perforated wooden patterns. More details, color catalog, and basic wooden designs can be found in the product’s technical brochure.

Typical Dimensions: 43.5 x 39 cm
Thickness: 50 mm
Weight: 2 kg/m2

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