Sonus Felt Motif – Grooved Acoustic Panels

SonusFelt-Motif are rectangle acoustic panels, grooved in a variety of patterns, made of PET felt. They are designed to be installed on walls, ceilings and other surfaces as a cladding or forming an artwork. Their composition are 100% polyester fiber, containing at least 65% recycled material (PET bottles).


SonusFelt-Motif consist of a light and semi-rigid acoustic material made of polyester fibers with sound-absorbing properties. They are easy to install, with a minimal aesthetic. The panels can either have a white, light gray or dark gray PET felt finish or be covered with a special sound-permeable fabric, offering a wide range of color options. Alternatively they can be colored on their main side.

The acoustic PET Felt panels are produced in two basic dimensions (60×240 & 120x240cm) with a thickness of 12mm, however they can also be manufactured in different sizes depending on the needs of each project. They are also produced in a variety of standard groove patterns.

As for the acoustic specifications of the SonusFelt-Motif, they depend on the size, application and other aspects of the installed product. The estimated weighted sound absorption coefficient per square meter is aw = 0.45-0.85 according to the relevant ISO 11654.1997.

In addition, SonusFelt-Motif acoustic panels are completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritating. They have resistance to time and good behavior in UV radiation. They are also made of recycled material and can be recycled, making them a product with modern sustainability standards. Indicated for use in buildings targeting LEED certification.