Architectural Acoustics

ALPHAcoustic & Sonus Felt architectural acoustic products are designed and produced in Greece offering solutions to complex architectural projects where the acoustic quality of the space is an important factor in the final result. They increase sound absorption, reduce reverberation time and prevent the creation of standing waves. The result is a better working and living environment.

With a wide range of options between sound-absorbing panels of various shapes and patterns with the additional option of lighting, solutions for architectural separation in offices, use of ecological and recycled raw materials, the application of Architectural Acoustics products of high aesthetics & quality guarantees an environment of high acoustic standards.

They have a wide range of applications. Potential applications in office, sports & music, multipurpose, restaurants, production studios, hotels, theaters & cinemas, multi-purpose art spaces are indicated.

For solutions adapted to the needs and for the correct selection of the appropriate product, we suggest contacting the Technical Department at

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