Room Acoustics

When designers of interior spaces are concerned about aesthetics and acoustical quality, they frequently turn to acoustic specialists in order to study, analyse and adequately propose measures to improve the acoustics and increase the acoustic comfort of the space.

Our philosophy is to provide a balance between top quality systems in reasonable prices, which will resolve the problem and improve the acoustic environment.

Our acoustic team can analyze architectural plans and carry out engineering calculations, in order to predict acoustic performance and to propose the necessary interventions for optimal design of architectural acoustics.

We design architectural acoustic solutions for all kinds of facilities where enhanced aural clarity, quality and speech intelligibility, are critical. Important factors like room’s use, shape, volume, geometry and the finishing materials selected are taken into consideration when providing a standard or fully customized solution, in order to achieve the required acoustic comfort. Such acoustic applications have been employed internationally in concert halls, educational buildings, theatres, cinemas, multiple purpose halls, places of worship, recording studios and many more spaces which are sensitive in terms of acoustics – some of them are presented on this page.

See how ALPHA AKOUSTIKI can help your company increase its productivity by achieving better acoustic conditions.

Reduce neighbouring noise and echoing music for your patrons with a range of acoustic treatments by ALPHA AKOUSTIKI.

Improve the accuracy of your studio monitors and enjoy much better mixes without ‘listening fatigue’.

Achieve an acoustic comfort zone in multi-purpose spaces and successfully control sound, reverberation and regenerated noise.

Achieve the optimum reverberation time with an acoustic treatment by ALPHA AKOUSTIKI’s experts

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