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    ALPHAcoustic products offer sound enhancement solutions for recording studios, amphitheaters, home cinema systems, rehearsal studios, theaters, multipurpose rooms, radio / TV recording studios and other audio production areas.

    • Rectangular acoustic panels with fabric
    • Round acoustic panels with sound-transparent fabric Wave form acoustic panels
    • Bass-traps for low frequency-Sound diffusers
    • Wooden perforated sound absorbing frames
    • Soundproof office desk divisor partitions
    • Self-standing sound absorbing frames
    • Vertical suspended baffles
    • Acoustic false ceiling Plates
    • Silent boxs
    • Quiet space for open space offices

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    ALPAfon, Noise control products offer Noise reduction by offering increased sound-proofing and noise control capabilities.

    Examples include:
    -Metal and wood sound insulating doors, Acoustic doors for studios, sound attenuators for air conditioning air ducts, acoustic louvers for fresh air suction, exhaust gas silencers for gen sets, road and rail transparent Noise barrier.
    Μetal noise barrier for outdoor use on motorways and air conditioning chillers noise insulation, wooden soundproof doors and many more.

    We support our clients with personalizes Acoustics studies, noise propagation simulation and design technical support.

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    ISOLFON products offer solutions for sound insulation and noise protection by offering structural noise insulation in building construction.
    They present high acoustic characteristic and ecological composition made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.
    These products include:

    • Soft polyurethane Foam Sound absorbing materials POLYFON (Ricofon type)
    • Soundproofing Viscoelastic noise Barrier
    • Sound Insulating rolls with Lead
    • iZiFON Polyester fiber Absorbent Plates
    • Soundproof Rubber Recycled Rolls (ReRub)
    • Anti-vibration sheets from recycled cork and rubber

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    POLYFON products are part of the acoustic improvement and sound absorbing insulation product series, which are designed to improve the acoustic performance of music and sound in studios.

    The R&D department of ALPHA ACOUSTIKI proceeded to the unique design and certification of all the advanced designs of POLYFON product line incorporating 30 years of experience in this field with modern aesthetic tendencies.

    POLYFON advanced innovative acoustic products can improve the acoustics of a room through sound absorption, diffusion and vibration absorption in monitor speakers.

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    Anti-vibration products under trade name Vibro include innovative systems for isolation of structural noise, offering anti-vibration protection to:

    • floating floors
    • floating ceilings
    • suspended walls

    They are used in mechanical, air-conditioning and building applications.
    They include spring and rubber (neoprene-EPDM) vibrations pads and hangers.
    There are special anti-seismic systems that offer protection from earthquakes, even in 3 directional forces. They are effective in low natural frequency excitation.

    We have also created the new Vibro-FOAM line, using Regufoam & Regupol polyurethane materials.

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Building type: Offices
Location: Athens, Greece

OTE TV Studios

Building type: TV Studios
Location: Kifisia, Greece

Sarit Mall

Building type: Shopping Mall
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Park Gulan Towers

Building type: Offices and luxurious residences
Location: Erbil, Iraq

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