Bars & restaurants

Acoustic comfort is often one of the most critical parameters for a pleasant environment in a café, bar or restaurant.

Noisy restaurants are a frustrating and growing concern among many industry participants. Patrons want to converse easily without neighbouring noise and echoing music. Servers need to be heard without shouting to their clients and kitchen staff.

The Social acoustics involved in dining can be defined by and rated on a 3 axis scale:

  • Ambient or background loudness surrounding each patron group
  • Conversational privacy between adjacent patron groups
  • Conversational clarity within each patron group.

Simply turning the music down is not the only answer to obtaining quality acoustics in a dining or entertainment atmosphere. Adding absorptive materials, such as Acoustic Treatments, to the venue will help noise levels and conversational intelligibility.

Treatments for Restaurant Acoustics

Treating a restaurant or other entertainment venues can be easy and affordable. A common aim is to create a sound level that allows patrons to hear one another, but does not make it so quiet that parties at other tables can overhear the conversation.

There are many options for acoustic treatments that are available to restaurants, bars, clubs, wineries and cafe owners – the image gallery on this page shows some indicative photos of such applications.

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