Sound-Absorbing Panel iZi Sound – Petalo

The iZi Sound Petalo is a wall-mounted sound-absorbing acoustic panel in a triangular shape featuring excellent sound absorption properties classified as Class A . It effectively absorbs sound energy, reducing reverberation time (RT60). Made from recycled PET polyester fibers, it is an environmentally friendly product suitable for studios, offices, restaurants, and more.


The iZi Sound Petalo is a modern choice for sound absorption, designed to improve the acoustic performance of various space. It also helps eliminate any reflections, thus preventing the creation of standing waves. The triangular-shaped acoustic panel is economical and eco-friendly, made from materials free of phenolic formaldehyde, with consistent density throughout its thickness, ensuring excellent acoustic properties. It boasts a Class A sound absorption rating. During production, the polyester fibers are thermally bonded without the use of chemicals.

The iZi Sound Petalo offers a dynamic and contemporary aesthetic due to its triangular shape, which can be combined in various configurations during installation. It is lightweight, making it easy to install on the wall using a special fitting and a hook.

Typical Dimensions: 50.8 x 53 cm
Thickness: 50 mm
Weight: 2 kg/m2

The iZi Sound Petalo, like the entire iZi Sound Wall series, is available in its basic form and with two face covers: a Felt face cover (iZi Sound Petalo Felt) and a Wooden cover (iZi Sound Petalo Wood). These options offer a wide variety of aesthetic choices that can be matched to the unique style of any space. The Felt cover comes in various colors, while the Wood cover offers different perforated wooden patterns. Refer to the product’s technical brochure for more details on color availability and wooden designs.

The entire iZi Sound panel range, besides containing recycled PET polyester fibers, is also fully recyclable, contributing to the circular economy and environmental protection.

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iZi Sound- eco friendly PET Polyester Fiber