Round Foam Acoustic Barrier POLYfon – KiON

POLYFON-KiON  is an innovative acoustic Round Trap cylinder type foam acoustic panel


POLYFON-KiON is an innovative acoustic Round Trap cylinder type panel that offers high Sound Absorption characteristics in a broadband frequency range.

POLYFON-KiON is produced by polyurethane flexible foam, with a sculpted design that absorbs the low-end sound energy and reduces the reverberation time.

It comprises 4 quadrants (of 90 degrees angle). They may be delivered either 4 quadrants bonded together or on their own, as independent parts. The addition of cavities (like Helmholtz resonators) offers additional sound absorption. The acoustic energy is dissipated as heat in the foam cells.


The triangular-shaped quarters of the round trap are a cost-effective solution for a reliable bass trap sound absorption. The foam acoustic panels POLYFON-KiON can be installed in the room corners and/or wall or ceiling junction, to provide low-frequency sound absorption. The semi cylindrical-shaped traps can be installed at the lateral walls, with a gap in between.

Foam acoustic panels POLYFON-KiON are Round Bass Traps in a cylindrical shape, that can be suspended from the ceiling, or stand on the floor, like an ancient pillar. The suspension from the ceiling can be done, using an appropriate tube adapted to the suitable hole, at the centre of the cylinder column.

Between the quarters, fins may be added for better aesthetic presentation. These fins/flaps can be made either of wooden elements or acrylic sheets in different colours.

Foam acoustic panels POLYFON-KiON can be used, in order to improve the reverberation time, to reduce flutter echo and standing waves, to prevent the room modes and to increase the voice clarity. It is especially useful to trap the bass audible frequencies, which are more intense at the intersection of flat surfaces.

Rating of sound absorption of foam acoustic panels POLYFON-KiON:

-Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw) = 1, (According to ISO 11654:1997)

-Sound Absorption Class = A

Design Patent Pending