Rectangle Acoustic Panel iZi Sound – Rec

An eco-friendly & cost-effective method to improve the acoustic perfomance of any enviroment, iZi Sound – Rec absorbs the sound energy in the space and reducing the reverberation time (RT60). Shaped in rectangular form and made of recycled polyester fiber. Perfect choice for home theatres, studios, offices, meeting rooms etc.


The iZi Sound Rec is a rectangular shaped sound absorbing acoustic panel that is mounted on the wall. It is made of a material with the ability to reduce the reverberation time and improve the acoustics of the enclosed spaces where it is applied. The advantages of the iZi Sound Rec panel are quite apart from its acoustic properties, such as that it is characterized as economical & ecological. It is also characterized by the fact that the density of the material remains constant throughout the thickness of the sound absorbing panel, thus ensuring its excellent sound absorbing properties. It is classified as sound absorption class A. During the production process of iZi Sound Rec main material, the polyester fibers are thermally bonded without the use of any chemicals, making it harmless to human & enviroment. It carries a certification for freedom from VOCs and formaldehydes according to ISO 16000 by the CSI-SpA testing laboratory.

The entire range of iZi Sound panels not only contain, among other things, recycled polyester fibers, but are also fully recyclable, contributing to the circular economy and environmental protection.

The light weight of the acoustic panel contributes to the ease of installation that can be easily done through a special fitting and a crooked bolt.

Typical Dimensions.
Thickness: 50mm
Weight: 2kg/m2

In addition to its basic form, iZi Sound Rec is available with two face options:
1) Felt face
2) Wood face

These two options offer a variety of aesthetic choices that can be tailored to the unique character of any enviroment. In the Felt option, there are a variety of different colors to choose from, while in the wood option, a variety of perforated wood designs are offered.

For more details, use the colour chart and basic wood perforations provided in the product’s technical prospectus.

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iZi Sound- eco friendly PET Polyester Fiber