Acoustic Panel with Fabric AcouCell – TF

Sound-absorbing panels fully covered with sound-permeable fabric. It improves the acoustics of the room and at the same time upgrades it aesthetically.


AcouCell – TF sound absorbing panels are another option in the AcouCell product range hese acoustic panels are produced covered with fabric on all visible front and side points, thus providing a visually upgraded option while maintaining sound absorption capability. The use of sound-permeable fabric ensures that the sound absorbing panels effectively absorb sound, while at the same time offering a special aesthetic appearance.

The use of AcouCell – TF aims to improve the acoustic properties of the room and reduce the reverberation time (Rt), thus helping to deal with unwanted reflections and standing waves It improves the sound quality and enhances the clarity of both speech and music that may be reproduced in the room.

AcouCell – TF comes in three basic shapes, Hexa, Petalo & Rec. This helps to create several possibilities of combining various patterns at a distance or in contact with each other. Its installation on the wall or ceiling can be done easily by using a special metal part that is screwed to the back of the product, and L-shaped screws that are placed on the mounting surface.

The acoustic panel at its core consists of a honeycomb foam material of closed cells, which effectively absorbs sound energy and reduces the reverberation time of closed spaces. Due to its special micro-perforation, a greater reduction in reverberation time is achieved. The acoustic energy of the room that falls on the surface of the AcouCell – TF, penetrates the sound-permeable fabric and enters the cells of the material. This has the effect of stimulating its membranes, converting this energy into heat.

AcouCell – TF is available in eight basic colors for the Air Mesh fabric type. This creates a multitude of aesthetic options, which can be combined with the distinct aesthetics of each space. More details concerning the colors (color chart) and the hanging system can be found in the Documents section.

Typical Applications:

Recording studios, Meeting rooms, Office spaces, Conference rooms, Restaurants & Bars, Theaters & Cinemas, Event spaces, etc.