Hexagon Shape Acoustic Foam POLYfon – Hexa

POLYFON-Hexa is an innovative broadband acoustic foam tile, with hexagon form that offers high Sound Absorption characteristics.


POLYFON-Hexa can be used in rooms, in order to improve acoustic properties and reverberation time, thus assisting in reducing unwanted reflections, flutter echo and standing waves. It can improve the acoustic quality, prevent the room modes and increase the clarity.

POLYFON-Hexacontributes in offering a unique and modern appearance, in the room. Installation on the wall can be easily done with a staple gun or adequate magnetic spray glue.

Made of polyurethane, POLYFON-Hexa is a flexible foam panel, with semi-closed cells and a hexagon design, that effectively absorbs the sound energy and reduces the reverberation time. The acoustic energy is dissipated as heat in the foam cells. Appropriate advanced technological cutting machine is used in order to cut foam in a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses.

In addition to its basic form, POLYFON-Hexa is available with two options of faces. One Fabric (Hexa Fabric) and one Wooden (Hexa Wood) his creates a multitude of aesthetic options, which can be combined with the distinct aesthetics of each space. More details, colors and designs, can be found in the Attached Documents section.

Typical applications:

Home Theatres, Recording & Post Production Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference Rooms, night clubs, offices, meeting rooms etc.