Acoustic Foam Panel POLYfon – S

Installation on the wall can be easily done with a staple gun or adequate glue.


POLYFON S is an innovative broadband acoustic slab that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics. It comprises the POLYFON-S Base and the Diffuser Membrane (DM).

The POLYFON-S base is polyurethane flexible foam slab, with a sculpted design, that absorbs the sound energy and reduces the reverberation time.

The DM part is a flexible Diffuser Membrane, with a smooth radius which creates a 2D deflector, that spreads high-frequency reflections with great efficiency. It is also possible to achieve 3D acoustic diffusion be installing POLYFON-S acoustic panels in two perpendicular directions. Additional the DM improves the low-frequency absorption coefficient, it acts as a sound absorption membrane. The DM element can be acrylic, plywood, HPL “Formica” or other radius membranes.

POLYFON-S can be used in halls, in order to improve acoustics properties and reverberation time, thus help reduce unwanted reflections, flutter echo and standing waves. It can improve acoustic quality, prevent room modes, and increase clarity.
POLYFON-S contributes to offering a unique and modern appearance in the room. The DM element can be adapted to suit any aesthetic requirement.

Typical applications:

• Home Theaters, Recording rooms, Post Production Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference Rooms etc.

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