Portable Foam Microphone Barrier POLYfon – MB

POLYFON MB is a portable acoustic Barrier, offering useful Reverberation and Noise attenuation around a recording microphone.


Product details

Additional Versions with external covers :

– Microphone Barrier POLYFON-MB.W: Formed pieces of plywood can be added to the exterior surface, offering a wide range of wooden appearances.

microphone barrier






– Microphone Barrier POLYFON-MB.M: An aluminium metal cover can be added to the exterior surface in different colours.

mic barrierMicrophone barrier






The external noise barriers offer additional soundproofing from unwanted noise and also an attractive aesthetic result.

Mic Barrier

 It is especially useful in studios without proper acoustic treatment or in rehearsal studios in order to prevent exterior noise such as traffic or air conditioning noise entering the mic.

It can be used with a range of microphones and can be fitted easily with no special equipment. The adjustable metal mounting system is designed to be installed at the same stand as a normal vocal mic.

POLYFON-MB offers ‘dry’ and direct vocal recordings, with reduced room ambience and external noise. This helps to eliminate excess echo and reverb, allowing the reintroduction of equalization during mixing or post-production processing.

It easily applies in most types of microphone stands and clips offering an acoustic reflection filter that regulate the reverberation without excessive colouration of the wanted signal.

Its polyurethane cell structure is designed to give maximum sound absorption efficiency, thus transforming the acoustic energy as heat in the foam cells.

The specially moulded design and the addition of cavities (like Helmholtz resonators) offer maximum sound absorption efficiency.