Sonus Felt Desk Acoustic Divider

SonusFelt-Desk are sound absorbing and noise insulation desk dividers for office desks, made of PET Felt. They can be produced in various shapes and sizes. Their composition are 100% polyester fiber, containing at least 65% recycled material (PET bottles). They provide acoustic comfort in work environments with many employees such as open space offices.


SonusFelt-Desk consist of a light and semi-rigid acoustic material made of polyester fibers with sound-absorbing properties. The desk dividers can either have a white, light gray or dark gray PET felt finish or be covered on both sides with a special sound-permeable fabric, offering a wide range of color options. Alternatively a wool fabric finish can be added, offering a warm look in the working environment.

The acoustic desk dividers are produced in 3 basic dimensions (160×46, 120×46 & 75x46cm) with a thickness of 12mm, however they can also be manufactured in different sizes depending on the needs of each project. Every sound absorbing desk divider includes its desk mounting system.

As for the acoustic specifications of the SonusFelt-Desk, they depend on the size of the installed product. The estimated weighted sound absorption coefficient per square meter is aw = 0.60 according to the relevant ISO 11654.1997.

In addition, SonusFelt-Desk dividing panels are completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritating. They have resistance to time and good behavior in UV radiation. They are also made of recycled material and can be recycled, making them a product with modern sustainability standards. Indicated for use in buildings targeting LEED certification.