Speaker Foam Pad POLYFON-FP

A quick and economical solution for Loudspeaker isolation via acoustic foam underlay.

General Details

A speaker Foam Pad (FP),  for near field monitor speakers.

Product details

POLYFON- FP is an anti-vibration Foam Pad (FP), for near field monitor speakers. It is produced by high quality, flame retardant, dark grey, polyurethane foam.

It comprises two elements, the base part and the upper wedge.
No metal parts in its construction are included to avoid undesired resonance.
This special design foam pad, improves the sound from the monitors, by preventing the transmission of acoustic energy from speakers to the underlying desk. They improve especially the middle range resolution, increase the low-frequency definition, eliminate also the resonance effects and increase the clarity.foam pads for speakers

Technical Specifications

POLYFON- FP packing includes 4 pad sets, 2 for every monitor. Each set comprises a base part and a wedge part, so that can easily be adaptable in a lot of types of monitors (heavy/large or vertical/horizontal applications).
For small monitors, may be sufficient the use of only one piece. The combinations of the base part and the upper wedge allow five-speaker positioning angles (0°, ±4°, ±8°).

With the base and the wedge in standard position, it will be provided with a level surface (0°) that is parallel to the supporting surface. Alternatively, the wedge can be removed to provide a ±4° inclination, according to which way the base pad is resting.untitled.2







In addition, with the base and the wedge positioned upside down, it will provide a ±8° inclination.


Application Photos
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