Orthogonal Fabric Acoustic Panels: ALPHAcoustic – ORTHO.Fabric

General Details

ALPHAcoustic – ORTHO Fabric Acoustic panels are sound absorptive panels, with orthogonal/angled edges, wrapped with sound transparent fabrics. They offer a flexible solution in room acoustics problems, improving the sound diffusion, increasing the sound absorption, noise insulation and prevent standing waves generation. Therefore they increase productivity by offering a quiet and well-being professional atmosphere.

Some of our ORTHO Fabric Acoustic Panels creations:

– ALPHAcoustic-AB: Vertical Acoustic Baffles
– ALPHAcoustic-AM: Self-standing Acoustic Partitions
– ALPHAcoustic-AP: Rectangular Acoustic Panels
– ALPHAcoustic-Desk: Desk Acoustic Partitions
– ALPHAcoustic-Kiklos: Acoustic Circle Panels
– ALPHAcoustic-Kima: Wave Acoustical Ceiling Cloud
ALPHAcoustic-Urban: Trapezoid Acoustic Panels with Fabric
– ALPHAcoustic-Multi: Multi-pattern Acoustic Panels
– ALPHAcoustic-Puzl: Modular Acoustic Panels
– ALPHAcoustic-Ceiling: Ceiling Acoustic Panels
ALPHAcoustic-Sine: Sine-wave Acoustic Vertical Baffles

These panels are made of a rigid internal frame and can be covered with sound-transparent fabric available in different colors.

For a better aesthetic feel, custom images and designs can be printed on the special acoustic fabric ALPHAcoustic CL.Art (company logo, quotes, etc.)
Trying to achieve the best sound absorption coefficient taking into consideration environmental
factors, we can select various types of internal core acoustic materials that can be used inside our acoustic panels.
They offer increased sound absorption capabilities in all frequency ranges, according to ISO 354.2003. and ISO 11654.1997.

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