Building Acoustics - ISOLFON

ISOLFON product range is specialized in Building Acoustics applications that require acoustic, noise, or vibration control treatment. The main advantage of ISOLFON product series is the fact that they are easily installed and they can be utilized in many DIY applications. That includes among others floating floor constructions, increasing the sound insulation of walls, soundproofing for inexpensive acoustic interventions, music rehearsal and control rooms etc.

Another characteristic of ISOLfon products is their ecological composition. Many of ISOLfon products are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

The main product categories of ISOLFON range are:
-Sound Absorption || ISOLFON-Whisper || iZifon || ISOLfon SEP – PU – SEPY ||
-Noise Insulation || ISOLfon – Barrier || ISOLfon- PB || ISOLfon-ReBond ||
-Anti-Vibration || ISOLfon-ReRub || ISOLfon- FF || ISOLfon- ReCork ||

Complete Catalogue of ISOLFON Products:

Building Noise Insulation

ISOLFON – Whisper: Laminated polyethylene foam sheets

Closed cell laminated polyethylene foam, that effectively traps sound and reduces the reverberation time.

Sound Absorption Polyester fiber Slabs – iZifon

A new generation product made of 100% polyester fiber, ideal for thermal & sound insulation

Sound Insulation Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier: ISOLfon-Barrier

Helps to increase the transmission loss of walls and ceilings, and especially in light/dry construction

Recycled rubber sheets for Sound & Vibration reduction ISOLfon-ReRub

ISOLfon ReRub is produced with a combination of recycled elastomeric compounds, coming from the recycling end of life tyre rubbers (ELT), bonded with polyurethane glue.

Impact Sound Insulation for floating floors ISOLFON – FF

ISOLFON-FF is easily installed in a great range of applications where impact noise insulation on floating floors is required.

Cork and recycled rubber rolls for Sound & Vibration reduction ISOLFON ReCork

Cork and recycled rubber rolls for Sound & Vibration reduction ISOLFON ReCork

Soundproofing lead noise barrier membrane: ISOLFON- PB

Noise reduction in a wide range of frequencies

Acoustic Foam Panels ISOLFON -SEP- PU-SEPY

Polyurethane foam panels that trap sound and reduce reverberation time.They offer increase sound absorption, reduce unwanted sound reflections, elimination of flutter echo, reduce room modes/standing waves, in music studios and acoustic sensitive spaces.

Sound Absorption, Soundproofing & Impact Vibration isolation ISOLFON-ReBond

ISOLFON-ReΒond It is produced from recycled flexible polyurethane foams pressed & bonded with polyurethane glue.

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