NEW Acoustic Treatment Products POLYFON

We would like to present our newest range of POLYmorphic acoustic treatment products under the brand name: POLYFON.

POLYFON acoustic treatment products use as base polyurethane flexible foam slabs, with a sculpted design, and can be used to resolve acoustic problems in: music studios, home cinemas, rehearsal rooms, etc. The main objective of this new, innovative product range is to offer sound absorption, sound diffusion and sound proofing in microphones and loudspeakers. More information on our latest series of acoustic treatment products is available here.

The key feature of POLYFON acoustic treatment panels the specially curved designed external membrane Diffuse Membrane (DM) which can act both as a sound resonator on lower frequencies and as a diffuse membrane (diffuser), which distributes high frequency sound evenly providing the sense of spaciousness on small spaces. The membrane can be easily installed on the panel offering variable acoustics in just one product. The DM final surface can be delivered in various aesthetic variations such as clear acrylic membrane, textile finishes, veneer and HPL material to match different aesthetic requirements.

Additionally the specially designed cavities can act as Helmholtz resonators and absorb sound on selected frequencies, thus increasing the overall acoustic performance of the product. Moreover, the panels are light weight & easy to install.

POLYFON acoustic foam product range is also eco friendly and they do not contain any fiber materials.

The acoustic treatment products included in POLYFON series are the following:

  • POLYFONS is an innovative broadband acoustic panel, which combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics. It consists of the POLYFON Base and the Diffuser Membrane (DM). POLYFON -S can be easily installed on flat walls or ceiling of a room.
  • POLYFONBT is an innovative BASS TRAP acoustic panel that combines low frequency Sound Absorption & also Diffusion characteristics using the Diffuser Membrane (DM). Standing waves are usually concentrated on corners of a room, which is why POLYFON –BT is suggested to place on the corners of a room or it can be suspended from the ceiling. Additionally the Diffuser Membrane acts as a vibrating membrane increasing the absorption of sound in lower frequencies.
  • POLYFON -FP is an anti vibration Foam Pad (FP), for near field monitor speakers. It is produced by high quality, flame retardant, dark grey, polyurethane foam. It consists of two elements, the base part and the upper wedge. This specially design foam pad, improves the sound from the monitors, by preventing the transmission of acoustic energy from speakers to the underlying desk. They improve specially the middle range resolution, increase the low frequency definition, eliminate also the resonance effects and increase the clarity.
  • POLYFON –KiON is an innovative acoustic Round Trap cylinder type panel, which offers high Sound Absorption characteristics in a broad band frequency range. POLYFON -KiON is produced by polyurethane flexible foam, with a sculpted design, that effectively absorbs the sound energy and reduces the reverberation time. It consists of 4 quadrants (of 90 degrees angle). They may be delivered either 4 quadrants bonded together or on their own, as independent parts. The addition of cavities (like Helmholtz resonators) offers additional sound absorption. The acoustic energy is dissipated as heat in the foam cells.

Printed acoustic panelPOLYFON-S: Acoustic treatment panel, with printed diffuser membrane

The POLYFON acoustic treatment products will be expanded with more products that can improve the acoustic comfort in music studios, rehearsal, mixing and recording spaces, please be connecting with our web site for NEW designs POLYFON products.

We are convinced that our new product series POLYFON combined with the established brands like ALPHAcoustic and ISOLFON, will be able to resolve any sound proofing, sound absorption and diffusion requirements that may be required from professional, high end rooms to DIY studios.

For more technical information, specifications and prices on our acoustic treatment products please contact our team of acoustic engineers at



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