Wooden House Acoustics and Noise Insulation


Acoustics in Timber houses is a topic that although it is not new, it is still not widely developed. However, acoustics and soundproofing are critical parameters to take into consideration for any wooden house to be comfortable.

In recent years Eco-building material has high demand. A lot of home owners prefer to use natural materials and avoid the use of possible hazard materials. Timber is a source of eco-material that offers significant advantages compares to concrete. For example, an environmentally friendly, warm and cosy house, which retains heat for a long time, is an indicator of the refined taste and a certain wealth of its owner


impact noise transmission side view

impact noise insulation example
Application of Viscoelastic membrane and Impact Sound Insulation mat ISOLfon ReCork on a wooden floor. Wooden beams are installed on top of Vibro-FS: Anti-vibration Rubber Supports for Wooden Floors


Structure Borne noise in wooden house acoustics

Acoustics in Timber houses concerns both sound and vibration. Plus, in timber constructions there are some important features that differ from those in concrete and other heavy constructions. For example, the mass of a construction is a significant factor for the airborne and structure borne sound insulation properties. This applies especially for the lower frequency range of 20–200 Hz. Thus, in order to compensate for small mass void and decoupling through Vibration isolation is important. Also, the accurate selection of Sound insulation material from design phase is critical to ensure a confortable living.

Impact sound Insulation from people walking is the most common sound insulation problem for lightweight floors, especially at low frequencies.

Similarly, flanking transmission of noise is another main problem for acoustics in wooden houses. All types of lightweight constructions require acoustic underlays and vibration isolation ceiling hangers.



Noise & vibration control in wooden house acoustics

Noise from installations contains mostly low frequencies. Consequently, acoustic materials like impact sound insulation or anti-vibration ceiling hangers have great results in wooden constructions.  Low-frequency vibration and springiness can be of importance to consider especially for floors of large dimensions. In these projects acoustic underlays and vibration isolators are even more critical to secure adequate acoustic comfort.

Our company has utilized a series of soundproofing products for timber constructions including:

Impact Sound Insulation mats

Recycled material impact noise insulation mats are very effective under floors and absorb most residential vibrations. It is critical to control vibrations at the source and prevent vibrations to pass trough other lightweight structural elements and amplify the vibration.

floor impact noise insulation section
Section of a floor in a wooden house


Additionally, Vibro-FM & Vibro-FS  is a patent product for timber battens that can be used to achieve Lnw = 53 dB. (BS EN ISO 717-2:2013)

Vibration isolation Hangers

Vibration isolation Hangers with Neoprene such as Vibro-CH.mini  can be used in floating ceilings and efficiently increase sound insulation of a ceiling in wooden houses.

ceiling insulation hanger
Vibro CH.mini: Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension consists of a metal frame made of galvanized steel with notches in appropriate places and the antivibration mount Vibro mini

Airborne noise control

Additionally, voids between the timber construction are proposed to be filled with Sound absorption materials such as IZIfon, which is an eco-friendly material that is 100 % recyclable instead of mineral wool.

Moreover, in order to increase the sound insulation of airborne sound insulation in minimum thickness we propose the use of Mass loaded Vinyl which has high sound insulation in small thickness.

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R&D in wooden house acoustics

Our company has participated in the 24th International Timber Construction Forum (IHF2018) with Regufoam and Regupol solutions that was presented here, we have successfully carried out a series of projects in lightweight constructions made of timber.

All the above products are extremely efficient in different in airborne or impact noise insulation in timber construction housing. Our team of Architects, Acousticians and Engineers is at your disposal to calculate the most suitable proposal for each application at the design stage of the project.


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