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Acoustic and Sound Quality Optimization | Architectural Acoustics

Supply and installation of acoustic panels to reduce reverberation in a renowned college auditorium. The appropriate color choices, dimensions and thicknesses were used to achieve a contemporary, enjoyable and creative environment.

Acoustic measurements, studies and installation of acoustic panels on the roof of an open-air office space. The layout and the features of the panels resulted from the acoustic study performed as well as the ergonomic requirements of the project itself.

OCEANOS is an elegant, modern innovative two dimensional, quadratic acoustic diffusor. Its curved contoured surface has an ocean wave appearance. The aperiodic modulation of asymmetric base shape, offers a more uniform sound diffusion.

See how ALPHA ACOUSTIKI successfully improved the acoustics of the training room/office at the premises of a multinational company. Before (1:08) – After (1:38) The initial reverberation time was 2.5 seconds (1:08) resulting in a lot of disturbance that reduced communication level and productivity. After the installation of ALPHAcoustic – AP and ALPHAcoustic – AB the reverberation time was successfully reduced to just 0.6 seconds. (See 1:38 and listen the difference)

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