Vibro products in World Guinness Music Studio

Merwas Music Studio

In November 2022 Merwas studio in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was recognized as the largest music production studio in the world, winning the corresponding Guinness World record.

Vibro products were chosen for the construction of the special floating room (room-in-a-room) of the studio. The long wavelength of low frequencies, which usually prevail in studios, make it very difficult to achieve satisfactory soundproofing in the partitions that enclose the shell of the space. Aiming the increase of soundproofing capacity, the structural isolation of the multilayered soundproofing elements with which the studios are built is therefore imperative. The structural separation of the studio enclosure was achieved with the use of special antivibration elements. In this way, the requested sound insulation and avoidance of vibration transmission from and to the studio was achieved.

The selection of special Vibro vibration absorbers was made based on their strict specifications, their manufacturing quality, as well as their durability over time, without changing their shock absorbing properties. The products used in this application were:

  • Vibro EP antivibration supports and Vibro JS jack-up antivibration spring mounts for concrete floating floors,
  • Vibro WB antivibration wall brace and ISOLfon Barrier  soundproofing membrane for wall application, and
  • Vibro CH spring hanger that consists of a combination of antivibration rubber with metal spring and ISOLfon Barrier  soundproofing membrane for the floating roof, as shown in the photos.

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Merwas music studio with an area of 4023,83 m2,  was formed to help change the concept of art, entertainment and content industry. It helps artists and researchers by shaping an integrated environment for the production of artistic content while supporting new ideas. It was built with the aim of being a landmark for music professionals while simultaneously creating a tourism hub for the country. The project acoustic consultant was KarofU.

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