Soundproofing products in Big 5 Show Dubai

Alpha Acoustiki had the pleasure to participate for the 5th consecutive year in one of the biggest construction shows in the world. Soundproofing materials ISOLfon, acoustic improvement products ALPHAcoustic and Noise control products ALPHAfon were presented in the biggest construction expo in the Middle East. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI’S acoustic products like metal acoustic doors, silencers and noise barriers have already been successfully used in several products in Dubai and several approvals from top consultant’s have been obtained.

The expo took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from the 25th to the 28th of November 2013 and it attracted a wide range of construction sector specialists. Primarily mechanical engineers and architects showed a lot of interest in the acoustic products like metal noise barriers, acoustic doors and acoustic panels. Some new products were showcased primarily in the range of room acoustic improvement.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI’s soundproofing products were successfully presented in one of the largest markets in the world, receiving great response primarily for the spring mounts and spring hangers.That fills us with enthusiasm in order to continue designing acoustic solutions that cover a wide range of applications for industrial, building and mechanical applications.

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