Soundproofing Offices – “Workplaces of Prosperity” event

office acoustics seminar

We would like to thank STIRIXIS Group for the honor to invite us to participate in the first “Workplaces of Prosperity” event which took place on September 9, 2021 at the Golf Club of Glyfada in Athens Greece. The acoustic quality of offices, soundproofing and noise control was a major topic of the agenda.

The new trends in the work environment and the acoustic improvement of offices in the post-Covid-19 era and the immediately applicable solutions in the design of the work strategy and the workplace were at the center of the first “Workplaces of Prosperity” event, which took place with great success.

On the financial impact of Covid-19 to disrupt companies, the way they work and making the need for an immediate and flexible solution in shaping the new working environment urgent, ALPHA ACOUSTIKI added a dynamic content to the discussion. Our company offers innovative solutions on the acoustic improvement and sound insulation of offices for more than 42 years of activity both in Greece and abroad.

Mr. Antonis Argoudelis, shareholder and acoustic engineer of our company specializing in sound insulation of offices, presented and highlighted the ways in which in the post-Covid-19 era our company continues to innovate and provide solutions to the formation of a suitable working environment, which aims to reduce noise (sound insulation) and improve acoustics (sound absorption), through flexible architectural solutions. The consequence of all these actions is to increase the efficiency of each company that will implement the proposed solutions for soundproofing offices and improving the overall office environment.

Office acoustics and sound insulation are critical parameters in the success and prosperity of each business and in the importance of designing flexible and sustainable workplaces that enhance their efficiency and satisfaction in every occasion.

ALPHA Acoustiki offers a wide range of acoustic enhancement products specially designed for offices.

· Floor partitions – ALPHAcoutic – AM
· Table dividers – ALPHAcoustic – Desk
· Soundproof housings – Booths
· Acoustic panels with printing
· Soundproofing meeting rooms
· New series of acoustic roller blinds – Roller

ALPHAcoustic Acoustic Products for Offices

If you want your business to invest today in a more profitable tomorrow in offices with the right acoustics, you can contact us.

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