Soundproofing materials for wholesale from Alpha Acoustiki

Our company, who is pioneering in soundproofing materials for wholesale at affordable prices, is pleased to announce that the network of the official resellers in has surpassed 50 technical department stores and retail outlets in Greece and 25 other countries in Europe, Asia and America. Sound insulation products for insulating and building materials stores are the ISOLFON series and the VIBRO anti-vibration materials.

For more information about our nearest specialized dealership for sound insulation or antivibration materials, we are at your disposal at and +30 2106779875.

If you have a specialized technical – commercial store, selling insulating materials and you want to enrich your range with sound insulation materials and sound absorbing products you can contact us at

Accordingly, if you have a store with musical instruments, speakers and other sound-electrical equipment, you can obtain in wholesale the specialized series of sound-absorbing acoustic improvement products POLYFON which can be applied to studio, offices, amphitheatres etc

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