Exclusive partners of Bedrock audio instruments

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Bedrock audio instrumentsALPHA Acoustiki is the exclusive partner of Bedrock Sound level Meters in Greece and Cyprus. This new addition, offers not only commercial value but also technical capabilities in regards to accurate sound level measurements which lead to better acoustic consultancy.

About Bedrock
Bedrock brand stands for high-quality, high-end measuring equipment for acoustics and professional audio. The highest professional and scientific standards of performance and accuracy are provided. The devices are designed and built by a team of scientists and engineers, in the Netherlands.

Why choose Bedrock?
The design philosophy on which the Bedrock SMxx devices are based is simple. Our products must meet the following standards:

1. No compromises in terms of reliability and accuracy.
2. The ease of use of a smartphone.

Our pricing is transparent and highly competitive. Firmware updates are free and often add additional modules and functions to the device. You are not charged separately for individual modules; if a module is supported for a specific device model, than it is included in its purchase price.

Soun Level meters

Which model to choose?
Please consult the below comparison table. The Bedrock SM30 is the basic model, which comes standard with a variety of measuring modules (class 2 SLM, RTA, FFT, RT60, scope, …). The SM50 includes all the functions of the SM30, plus modules for speech intelligibility measurements (STIPA). The SM90 has all the features of the SM50, but complies with the strictest requirements for sound level measurements (class 1) according to IEC-61672

Bedrock products can be found below:

SMxx comparison chart

Untitled drawing (1)The above comparison table applies to the SM30, SM50 and SM90 with firmware version 2.0 installed (released June 2017). Note that specifications and pricing are subject to change. New modules and functions are regularly released through firmware updates

* Sound Measurements
* Building Sound Measurements
* Environmental Noise Assessment
* Acoustic parameters
* Occupational Noise/Noise at work

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