Sound absorbing panels with LED lighting system

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is pleased to present its new range of sound absorbing products, which combine in a single form sound absorbing panels and led lighting.

The need to create this new line of products resulted from the need to combine acoustic improvement with lighting especially when office space is limited. This restriction requires modern solutions and modern products that can serve more than one role at the same time. ALPHA ACOUSTICS, with its most specialized engineers and architects, presents the new ALPHAcoustic product line, which perfectly combines acoustic improvement with led lighting to a perfect aesthetic result. This saves valuable space in professional environments where the area of ​​the ceiling surface is valuable.

Lighting in the room can be directly with a hole on the sound absorbing panel and indirect by utilizing the reflection of light-colored sound-proof fabrics.

This series is of interest from an architectural point of view as it achieves a functional and homogeneous aesthetic effect. Simultaneously, the needs of electromechanical equipment are simplified, which in small offices occupies a large part of the ceiling, reducing the available surface for use in sound absorbing products.

ALPHA ACOUSTICS, allied to the expertise of its experienced engineers through years of experience in the field of acoustics, manages not only to follow the ever increasing market pace and changing needs, but also to become a pioneer in the industry, offering specialized products and services giving acoustic and not just solutions to modern problems.

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