Should I get Ortho or Tondo?

While having options is a good thing, adding an alternative to an already popular product can have its drawbacks.

What are the differences between Ortho and Tondo fabric acoustic panels? Is the difference purely stylistic? Do they differ in cost? Do I need to choose before I buy? Are some questions we often get.

In an attempt to clarify let’s see some of the products. The ALPHAcoustic AP.Ortho, one of our most popular fabric acoustic panel that has been successfully installed in interior spaces for more than 20 years and the ALPHAcoustic – Multi.Ortho a multi-pattern acoustic panel with an innovative form which adapts to the aesthetic needs of every project.

In normal circumstances we use the Ortho fabric acoustic panels series as it is our standard, but some projects require a different aesthetic, there is where the alternative Tondo comes in play.

While both are acoustically identical, the curved edges, the refined and elegant shape, with smooth and flowing design of the Tondo suggest comfort, safety, familiarity and relaxation; reminiscent to the curves of the human body.

Thus, the choice is purely aesthetic and is done after we agree to which product is best for your project.


So which one should I choose?

  • The Ortho series consists of orthogonal and angled edges outputting a more professional and rigid look.
    – Their main advantages are the slick edged design, the exceptional sound absorption and cost effective construction.
  • The Tondo series takes another approach with its smooth curved design that becomes a part of the space and become virtually invisible thanks to the relaxing curves or gives out a warmer, more visually pleasing look in the room.
    – Their main advantage is the calming curved design, the exceptional sound absorption and cost effective construction.


Other Tondo fabric acoustic panels are the ALPHAcoustic Kiklos.Tondo,

and the ALPHAcousticKeros inspired by Ancient Greek Art.


All the Tondo products with more analytic info can be found here:

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