At ALPHA ACOUSTIKI, we believe in complete customization and flexibility in order to meet each client’s technical and budgetary requirements. For that reason we separate acoustic consultancy from product supply.

In projects that a secure and qualified acoustic result is intended, clients rely on our expertise and they award us with complete project execution. In these cases we can construct complete turn-key projects like music studios, auditoriums, home cinemas or mechanical applications like noise barriers, noise enclosures, installation of acoustic doors and overall complete acoustic project contracting.

For questions in regards with a complete project reference list do not hesitate to contact us.


See how ALPHA AKOUSTIKI can help your company increase its productivity by achieving better acoustic conditions

Bars & restaurants

Reduce neighbouring noise and echoing music for your patrons with a range of acoustic treatments by ALPHA AKOUSTIKI

Music studios

Improve the accuracy of your studio monitors and enjoy much better mixes without ‘listening fatigue’

Multi-purpose spaces

Achieve an acoustic comfort zone in multi-purpose spaces and successfully control sound, reverberation and regenerated noise


Achieve the optimum reverberation time with an acoustic treatment by ALPHA AKOUSTIKI's experts

Miscellaneous noise barriers applications

Roof-tops, open air cinemas, domestic and industrial applications

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