Advanced Acoustic Products - POLYFON

POLYFON products are part of the acoustic improvement and sound-absorbing insulation product series, which are designed to improve the acoustic performance of music and sound in studios. The R&D department of ALPHA ACOUSTIKI proceeded to the unique design and certification of all the advanced designs of POLYFON product line incorporating 30 years of experience in this field with modern aesthetic tendencies.

POLYFON advanced innovative acoustic products can improve the acoustics of a room through sound absorption, diffusion and vibration absorption in monitor speakers.

The primary advantage of the POLYFON product series is that they can be easily installed and can be used in many applications, such as home cinemas, mixing studios, home theatres or even professional rehearsal booths used by specialized acoustic engineers.
POLYFON products besides having superb quality acoustic performance also have another significant benefit and that is excellent, unique aesthetics and ecological composition. Making them approachable for domestic use such as home studios, home cinemas, even listening rooms that acoustic comfort and accuracy is a valuable quality.

They confront the acoustics properties and reverberation time, thus help reduce unwanted reflections, flutter echo and standing waves. They can improve acoustic quality, prevent room modes, and increase voice clarity.

Complete Catalogue of POLYFON Products:

Acoustic Foam Products

Acoustic Foam panel with Wedges Shape POLYFON Wedge

POLYFON-Wedge is an innovative broadband acoustic foam tile, with wedges form that offer high Sound Absorption characteristics. It absorbs the sound energy and reduces the Reverberation time.

Acoustic Foam panel with Hexagon form – POLYFON Hexa

POLYFON-Hexa is an innovative broadband acoustic foam tile, with hexagon form that offers high Sound Absorption characteristics. It absorbs the sound energy of the room and reduces the Reverberation time.

Acoustic Wooden Slotted Panel POLYFON- WS

POLYFON-WS contributes in acoustics by offering absorption in a variety of frequencies due to a range of different sizes of linear slots on each panel.

POLYmorphic Acoustic Panel POLYFON-S

POLYFON is an innovative broadband acoustic panel that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion.

POLYmorphic Bass Trap / Acoustic panel POLYFON-BT

POLYFON-BT is an innovative BASS TRAP acoustic panel that combines low frequency Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics.

Portable Microphone Barrier POLYFON-MB

POLYFON MB is a portable acoustic Barrier, offering useful Reverberation and Noise attenuation around a recording microphone.

Acoustic Slab POLYFON Linear

POLYFON-Linear is a unique acoustic slab with “T” profile pattern and linear appearance. It absorbs the sound energy and reduces the reverbaration time.

POLYmorphic Round Trap foam acoustic panels POLYFON – KiON

Innovative acoustic Round Trap cylinder type foam acoustic panel applicable in a wide range of applications.

Speaker Foam Pad POLYFON-FP

A quick and economical solution for Loudspeaker isolation via acoustic foam underlay.

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