Soundproofing Curtains ALPHAcoustic – ACu. Noise

Acoustic curtains are not generally used to stop noise transmission. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, with careful scheduling, acoustic curtains can absorb and reflect unwanted noise. With the interpolation of high mass fabrics/membrane between the external face fabrics, we can achieve acceptable sound insulation values. The effectiveness of such curtains / drapes is dependent on flanking around paths sealing achievement.



The effectiveness of such curtains / drapes is dependent on flanking around paths sealing achievement.

ALPHAcoustic-ACu Acoustic Sound-Proofing Curtains are designed to reflect and absorb sound energy, reduce the noise and improve the room acoustics

Curtains can cover a door or window or divide a room in domestic and commercial applications. Useful also for office separation, quiet zones, think tanks, conference halls etc.


Triple layering of the curtains consists of two parts of special sound absorbing fabrics that enclose a specially designed sound insulating membrane in the middle.

The Sound Reduction Index Rw reaches up to 13 dB for 3 layers, confirmed by independent lab testing.

All fabrics can be flame retardant. The track system consists of an aluminum rail track system, which easily moves the sound curtain.


Hanging Rail System

ALPHAcoustic-ACu Noise acoustic curtains can be equipped with their corresponding suspension and rolling mechanisms guaranteeing excellent sliding. These mechanisms come from recognized European companies and are selected based on the needs of each application.

  • Operating modes: Manual, cord operated or electric remote control.
  • Possibility of shaping the rolling rail in a curved track.
  • Fitting methods and Hanging rail system are selected on project base.
  • They ensure excellent slip.

Our team of acoustic engineers can assist in choosing the acoustic curtain type with the most adequate acoustic properties for your project.

πτύχωση κουρτίνας
Top view of curtain and rail system

Now we give you the opportunity to cover the glass surfaces with special Acu. Roller or Acu. Roman.


For each type of sound-absorbing curtain, official certifications on its acoustic performance are available upon request. Contact us for more information.