Sound Absorption Polyester fiber Slabs – iZifon

A new generation product made of 100% polyester fiber, ideal for thermal & sound insulation

General Details

The Sound Absorption Polyester fiber Slabs iZifon are a new generation, revolutionary new product made of 100% polyester fiber.

The material consists of fine, long, polyester fibers of various deniers thermally bonded.

Polyester fiber Slabs Applications

  • Thermal insulation – sound Insulation between walls
  • Sound absorbent surfaces
  • Soundproofing of wooden floors
  • In baffles construction of sound attenuators
  • In constructions οf sound barriers
  • In sound absorbent elements (room acoustic baffles) covered with acoustic transparent fabric
Technical data

Additional photos

Additional photos illustrating the sound absorbent slabs iZifon are shown below:

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