Sound Absorption Polyester fiber Slabs – iZifon

A new generation product made of 100% polyester fiber, ideal for thermal & sound insulation

General Details

The Sound Absorption Polyester fiber Slabs iZifon are a new generation, revolutionary new product made of 100% polyester fiber. The material consists of fine, long, polyester fibers of various deniers thermally bonded.

Polyester fiber Slabs Applications
  • Thermal insulation – sound Insulation between walls
  • Sound absorbent surfaces
  • Soundproofing of wooden floors
  • In baffles construction of sound attenuators
  • In constructions οf sound barriers
  • In sound absorbent elements (room acoustic baffles) covered with acoustic transparent fabric

iZiFON Polyester fiber slabs is an ideal sound-absorbing material for building, mechanical and industrial applications. It is also an ideal solution where sound-absorbing materials are required for music studios in interposition between plasterboard in masonry or ceiling.

Fire reaction

Since there are no chemical components involved in the manufacturing process, iZiFON has self-extinguishing characteristics and does not produce toxic gases or fumes in case of fire.

Friendly for humans and the environment

iZiFON is a safe material thanks to its composition and while it is one of the most popular sound absorbing materials it does not pose a risk to those suffering from asthma. Polyester fibers are non-toxic and non-allergic. It can be installed with bare hands and does not leave any itchy feeling to the installers. No gloves are required for handling it and it is 100% non-carcinogenic, thereby making it very user friendly. It is rot proof and odorless. This way they make it very friendly and easy to install by technicians and installers. The fibers do not peel off during transport, installation or cutting.

iZiFON polyester fiber sound-absorbing materials are an ecological product, as the polyester fibers of which it is composed are 100% recyclable. Thus, taking into account that no chemicals are used in the production, an ecological character is maintained in favor of environmental protection.

Can be used to make acoustic panels for mounting on the ceiling or walls. More information on architectural acoustics products can be found here.

Technical data

Sound Absorption Properties

izifon sound absorption coefficient

Thermal Conductivity (BS EN 12667:2001):

λ10 = 0,038 w / m K
(measured at 38 Kg/m3)

Application Photos

Additional photos illustrating the sound absorbent slabs iZifon are shown below:

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