POLYmorphic Bass Trap / Acoustic panel POLYFON-BT

POLYFON-BT is an innovative BASS TRAP acoustic panel that combines low frequency Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics.

General Details

POLYmorphic Bass Trap is an innovative broadband acoustic Bass Trap panel that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics.

Product details

POLYFON-BT is an innovative broadband acoustic  Bass Trap panel that combines Sound Absorption & Diffusion characteristics.

POLYFON-BT can be used in the corners of a room or it can be suspended from the ceiling. Its use improves the reverberation time, reduces flutter echo and standing waves, prevents the room modes and increases voice clarity. It is especially useful to trap the bass audible frequencies, which are more intense at the intersection of flat surfaces.

acoustic improvement foam productsBT section view


It comprises the POLYfon-BT Base and the Diffuser Membrane (DM).

POLYFON-BT Base, is polyurethane, flexible foam, corner type panel, with a sculpted design, that absorbs low-end sound energy and reduces the reverberation time.

The addition of cavities (like Helmholtz resonators) offers maximum sound absorption efficiency.

Using the depth of the corner, with foam material of some significant thickness, is more effective in mid and low (bass) absorption frequencies, than the flat mounted acoustic foam.

The Diffuser Membrane (DM) is a flexible membrane,  with a smooth radius,  which creates a 2D deflector that effectively spreads high frequency reflections. Additional the DM improves the low-frequency absorption coefficient; it acts as a sound absorption membrane. The DM element can be acrylic, plywood, cork, HPL “Formica” or other radius membranes. The DM element can be altered to suit any aesthetic requirement. Any artwork or high-resolution picture can be printed on its surface, in order to suit its aesthetic surroundings.

Rating of sound absorption of foam acoustic panels POLYFON-BT:

-Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient (αw) = 1, (According to ISO 11654:1997)

-Sound Absorption Class = A


Design Patent Pending


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