Metal Noise Barrier ALPHAfon-MB

A quick and economical solution for sound absorption and noise insulation

General Details

The metal noise barrier ALPHAfon-MB is composed of a galvanized metal sheet at the external side and perforated metal sheet for the internal side.

The external faces can be painted in any RAL color. The two ends of the metal barrier are properly formed (male-female) in order to achieve perfect sound sealing but also to improve its bending strength.

Internally, it is filled with sound-absorbing material, mineral wool, hydrophobe, with appropriate density, cover with thin glasswool cloth.

  • Noise protection from traffic noise (cars, trains, noisy machines, chillers, cooling towers etc)
  • Easy to install
  • Durability to external environmental conditions
  • High sound absorption (from one side)
  • Can be painted in any color


The metal barriers ALPHAfon-MB can be installed sliding on iron profile, from special formed double T (HEA), which are appropriatly fixed to the basement.The metal barriers can also be installed vertically with the appropriate support at the top and the bottom.

In the case of road noise barrier, it is recommended to build an appropriate concrete wall at the bottom of the barrier. The height and the length of the metal barrier can be determined by our company using a special PC program, in order to estimate the noise reduction and decide on the best technical-economical solution.


The metal noise barriers ALPHAfon-MB compose a quick and economical solution for the problems of sound absorption in relation with noise insulation and mechanical strength for internal and external uses like:

  • swimming pools
  • gymnasiums
  • disco – pubs
  • music schools
  • industrial plants
  • noise barriers for streets to protect schools, hospitals, houses

The product can also be used in noise control of machines like: air-conditioners, cooling towers, chillers etc.

Technical data


The metal noise barrier has good resistance during the time and against the ultraviolet radiation. It is hydrophobe, consists from incombustible materials and easy to replace in case of an accidental reason. Also it could be painted at any color.

(According ISO 140, ISO 717.1)

SOUND ABSORPTION COEFFICIENT for 50mm width at 250 Hz is 0.6.
(According to ISO 354.2003)


Application photos

Some applications of the Metal Noise Barriers ALPHAfon-MB are shown below:

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