Closed cell laminated polyethylene foam ISOLFON – Whisper

Closed cell laminated polyethylene foam, that effectively traps sound and reduces the reverberation time.

General Details

ISOLFON – Whisper is a closed cell polyethylene foam which has cells that are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process, resulting in a highly efficient sound absorbent material with many unique features.

The product can be supplied in 2 different types according to fire resistance:

  • ISOLFON-Whisper FR (fire rating according to DIN 4102:B1, EN 13501-1 B, S2 d0)

Color: White and black

  • ISOLFON-Whisper DB (fire rating FMV SS 302)

Color: Grey

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High Sound Absorption: The form of the closed cell laminated polyethylene foam, provides excellent acoustical properties.

Water Resistant: Provides unaltered and sustained performance in wet or humid conditions.

Fire Reaction: Meeting all the typical required Fire Norms with in: Transportation, Industrial vehicles, Marine, Trains, Appliances & Electronics, Building and Construction.

Low installation costs: Due to the light weight and its self-supporting structure – it is very easy to be cut and be install on site.

Technical Characteristics

Fire Resistance:

For FR type: DIN 4102:B1, EN 13501-1 B, S2 d0

For DB type: FMV SS 302


Moisture resistant, High sound absorption, low weight, easy fabrication/ converting, no need for water shield, fiber free, Self-standing / structurally independent, washable surface, fire retardant


Sound absorption in recording studios, home cinemas, night clubs, restaurants, indoor pools, gyms, car washing tunnels, shooting ranges, sports halls etc. It can also be applied as ceiling vertical baffles, high speed rail/motorway Noise barriers, internal air-ducts lining, ventilation and air conditioning – sound attenuators/ silencers specially where there is high humidity, etc.

Moreover, it can be installed as self-supporting panels with mechanical support (expandable anchors with suitable washers) or liquid or spray adhesive. It is very easy to cut with a blade or a suitable saw.

Additional photos illustrating the ISOLFON – Whisper are shown below:

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