Flying Acoustic Objects With Wool – ALPHAcoustic – FO. Wool

A Marriage of Acoustics and Lighting



ALPHAcoustic – FO. Wool



ALPHAcoustic-FO.WooL are flying Acoustic Objects which can be hanged from the ceiling, with distinct woolen aesthetic. They consist of a perimeter woolen surface in different forms and color options.

Αt the bottom they can incorporate luminaires according to the requirements of each application.

They improve the sound absorption offering a better acoustic environment.

Using ecological materials such as wool-lined liner, which comes from recycled wool with a variety of color choices, with simplicity in changing shapes and dimensions and colors, we added additional valuable properties and selections of customers who will trust us.

In each type of F.O. in collaboration with a specialized lighting company, we can customize special luminaires that meet the lighting needs of the space.

Based on the technology we have developed, we can easily implement the ideas, requirements and specifications of the designers of each space, covering in addition to their acoustic and lighting and aesthetic requirements.


Application possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity.



Based on our many years of experience in creating innovative solutions for room acoustics since 1980, we can offer a modern, flexible and efficient system to meet the lighting and acoustic needs of every space.


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ALPHAcoustic – FO.WooL Flying Acoustic Objects with Wool

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