Cork and recycled rubber rolls for Sound & Vibration reduction ISOLFON ReCork

Cork and recycled rubber rolls for Sound & Vibration reduction ISOLFON ReCork

General Details

ISOLFON ReCork – impact sound noises insulation membrane, with excellent elasticity and resiliency.

ISOLFON ReCork is produced from natural, synthetic and recycled elastomeric compounds and cork bonded with polyurethane glue. It is easy to install, resilient and durable with low structural weight. It can be 100% recycled. It is suitable for all conventional subfloor and floor covering.


  • Floating floors: Especially useful in cases of floating floors with heavy loads (business premises, production areas, warehouses with vehicle movement, etc.). It is reminded that it should be coated with reinforced cement screed of sufficient thickness to achieve a uniform distribution of the applied loads.
  • Anti-vibration substrates: Useful especially in cases of floating floor renovations, where the available space and height is limited. Under certain conditions, it can be placed on flat existing floors and with the use of special glue to accept the application of ceramic tiles. Our technical department can support you in choosing the right adhesive and guiding the appropriated instructions for your application.

Environmental factors

ISOLFON-ReCork is environmentally friendly as it comes from recycled car tires, it is 100% recyclable, it does not contain fibers or other harmful materials. Contributes to the green certification of LEED © buildings and to the Ecological and Environmental Method of Assessment of building constructions BREEAM.
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