Sine-wave Acoustic Vertical Baffles: ALPHAcoustic – Sine

ALPHAcoustic-Sine are vertically hanged acoustic baffles totaly wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric.

General Details

ALPHAcoustic – Sine is a Sine-wave form ceiling type sound absorptive acoustic baffles. They are a variation of one of our most popular solutions in the ORTHO fabric acoustic panels category, the ALPHAcoustic – AB.
In more detail, the acoustic baffles are vertically hanged, totally wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric and their main difference from the ALPHAcoustic – AB is the sine-wave form that adds a different, more elegant aesthetic to the space.
In addition, they offer the same reduction of the disturbing noise reflections, improving the interior acoustics, reducing the reverberated noise, offerring a better acoustic environment. Due to the two highly absorptive sides of the baffle, the ALPHAcoustic-Sine Sine-wave Acoustic Vertical Baffles offer high sound absorption.

Typical applications:

  • Reception areas
  • OfficesRestaurants
  • Recording studios
  • Clubs
  • Waiting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Telecomferance Rooms
  • Call Centers


ALPHAcoustic Sine sine wave acoustci baffles dimentions

Standard dimentions 120x40cm and 180x40cm
Regular thickness 30-50-80mm
(Other dimentions and thicknesses upon request)

The Sine-wave Acoustic Vertical Baffles ALPHAcoustic-Sine can be easily hanged from the ceiling with their simple two-point hanging system at the top of the panel.

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