Rectangular Acoustic Panel : ALPHAcoustic- AP

Made with high endurance and excellent quality fabrics. The combination of inside acoustic materials offer a wide sound absorption

General Details


ALPHAcoustic-AP is a rectangular acoustic panel wrapped with acoustic transparent fabric. This specific panel is the oldest of the range of our acoustic panels and has been successfully installed in interior spaces for more than 20 years. The acoustic panel offers reduction of disturbing noise reflections, improves the interior acoustics, reduces the reverberated noise and offers α better acoustic environment. Due to its high sound absorption index (as) the acoustic panel can achieve maximum sound absorption at each acoustic frequency band. Upon request we can determine the sound absorption index (as) according to ISO 354.2003 and ISO 11654.1997 for most types of our acoustic panels.

Depending on the requirements of each application and in order to achieve wide range frequency absorption a combination of different sound absorptive materials can be applied.

Standard Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 5 cm (different shapes, dimensions and thickness can be fabricated upon request).

Acoustic panels ALPHAcoustic-AP can be produced in many different forms like square, rectangle, ellipse, semi-circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon etc.

For high projects that require a specific printed theme the high technology printed acoustic textile with unlimited color and image capabilities offering an even larger option of acoustic panels.


Some applications of the Acoustic Panel with Fabric ALPHAcoustic-AP are shown below:

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