Acoustic Panel AcouCell – Petalo

AcouCell-Petalo is an innovative broadband acoustic foam tile that offers high Sound Absorption characteristics. It absorbs the sound energy of the room and reduces the Reverberation time.


AcouCell-Petalo can be used in different spaces. It’s main purpose of use is to improve the indoor acoustics in general, and the reverberation time of a given space. . This product can also reduce the unwanted reflections, flutter echo and standing waves that reduce the acoustic quality of a room. It can also increase the clarity of speech or music reproducing in the space. One of it’s main benefits, is that it can also aesthetically upgrade the room.

AcouCell – Petalo contributes in offering a unique and modern appearance, in the room. The special shape, triangle with rounded corners, creates several possibilities for combining various patterns. Installation on the wall can be easily done by anyone with an adequate magnetic spray glue, or with a special metal element and L-shaped screws.

Made of a special honeycomb foam, AcouCell-Petalo is a triangle shaped foam panel, with closed cells that effectively absorbs the sound energy. Thus, it reduces the reverberation time of a given space. The acoustic energy of the room that falls on the surface of AcouCell-Petalo, enters the specially designed honeycomb material. There it stimulates the cell membranes and as a result the acoustic energy transforms into heat. Micro perforation is also applied on the surface of this acoustic product, helping the sound trap, in its core closed cells material.

In addition to its standard form, AcouCell-Petalo s available with two other faces. One Felt (Petalo Felt) and one Wooden (Petalo Wood). This gives the availability to create a multitude of aesthetic options, which can be combined with the distinct aesthetics of each room. More details, colors and designs, can be found in the Attached Documents section.

Typical Applications:

Rehearsal Rooms, Offices, Home Theatres, Restaurants, Bars, Recording & Post Production Studios, Conference Rooms, Meeting rooms etc.