Architectural Acoustic Consultancy

At ALPHA ACOUSTIKI our consultants specialize in the design, modeling and engineering of interior room acoustics.

Building Sound Insulation Studies

We use specialized software tools to keep unwanted sound and vibration out of sensitive living areas.

Environmental Noise Control Studies

Assessment of environmental noise related to highways, rail-roads, airports, industrial & entertainment facilities

Industrial Noise Studies

We offer a range of noise control and vibration isolation services for industrial applications.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Studies

Our team has experience in measurements, simulations, prediction and engineering solutions in HVAC applications

Noise at Work (Occupational Noise) Consultancy

Measuring, evaluating and controlling noise in work environment using state of the art measurement systems

Vibration Consultancy

We carry out vibration measurement and assessment studies and recommend vibration isolation solutions

Research & Development

Innovative, advanced and effective acoustic, noise and vibration control solutions by our R&D department.

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