Shopping mall generator noise insulation

Scope: A noise insulation canopy was constructed with ALPHAfon-MB (Noise Metal Barriers) for the enclosure of a power generator. The insulated canopy had to be constructed on site, in order to meet ergonomic requirements.

Remarks: The key aspects of this project was to provide adequate noise control in a power generator of very high initial noise level, larger than 90dB (A). The challenge we faced in making the sound proof canopy was that the mechanical operation required adequate air circulation which increased the openings, thus making it harder for us to insulate. The noise enclosure was designed and manufactured using our experience and technical knowledge in sound enclosures which are also available with acoustic doors, access panels, removable panels and noise control ventilation packages.

Products used: ALPHAfon-MBALPHAfon-SAALPHAfon-IC

  • Designing and engineering assistance including layout as well as determining acoustical, structural and ventilation requirements are included.
  • Ventilation systems include intake and exhaust silencers as well as supply or exhaust fan system designs to meet each individual projects’ airflow requirements.
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