Mechanical Equipment Soundproofing – “The Wave”

The use of metal sound barrier on the rooftop of “The Wave” building was chosen as it is a highly efficient technique to improve the sound insulation of the mechanical equipment operating on the roof. It brings about a significant reduction in the noise caused by the operation of the HVAC and cooling systems, fully adapting the noise emissions to the Greek legislation (PD 1180/81).

The metal sound barrier, with the special sound-insulating frames ALPHAfon-MB, is an ideal and tested choice for sound insulation, giving the possibility not only to absorb the emitted noise (from the inner side of the perforated metal sheet), but also to prevent its transmission to the environment (acoustic shading). The combination of these two functions of the metal frames leads to the desired sound insulation results.

Achieving such results requires cooperation with the company’s specialized crews for placement. For alternative solutions that may better suit your needs, you can contact our technical department.

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