Architectural Acoustic Consultancy

Architectural Acoustics

At ALPHA ACOUSTIKI our consultants specialize in the design, modelling and engineering of interior room acoustics. Our acoustic team analyze architectural plans and engineering calculations, to predict acoustic performance and to propose the interventions required for the optimal design of architectural acoustics.

The acoustic study can also help optimize existing spaces and reduce reverberation time, which is a common problem in offices and restaurants. Especially in open space offices with hard reflective materials, an acoustic study helps you to choose the right materials and acoustic elements to reduce excessive reverberation and improve the acoustic quality inside the room.

Besides our acoustic consultancy services, we design architectural acoustic solutions for all kinds of facilities where enhanced aural clarity, quality and speech intelligibility, are critical.

With an acoustic study, the determination of the room’s use, shape, volume, geometry and the finishing materials selected can be optimized to achieve the required acoustic comfort.

Such acoustic applications are implemented internationally in concert halls, educational buildings, theatres, cinemas, multiple purpose halls, places of worship, recording studios and many more sensitive spaces in terms of acoustics.

Classical theater’s section from acoustic studies


The media below presents examples of improving the architectural acoustics by performing either prediction with acoustic study or on-site sound measurements and specific proposals for the sound absorption of the space. In these proposals that result from an acoustic study, the existing architectural features of the room and the general aesthetics of the space are taken into account.

You can listen to an example of room acoustic improvement below:


Amongst other room-acoustic parameters considered are Reverberation Time (R.T.), Clarity (C-50), Definition (D-80), Articulation Loss of consonants (Alcons), Early Decay Time (E.D.T.), Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI) Direct, Total SPL, critical distance and more.

As an integrated partner, we work hand in hand with the project architects, authorities, contractors and engineering team to harmonize objectives, to deliver the premium result that combines acoustics, aesthetics, ergonomics and other factors crucial in every project.


Similar to visualization, auralisation can generate the acoustic animation of a space before it is built. It is based on room acoustic computer simulations.

If needed, additional acoustic treatments can be applied to ensure a homogeneous distribution of sound in each audience position.

By using the most up-to-date computer software, it is possible to hear the effects of different spatial arrangements and therefore achieve a fine prediction of the room’s acoustic prior to its construction.

Listen to the difference of music and speech BEFORE and AFTER the acoustic treatment simulation below:

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