Office partitions with Sound-absorption and protection from COVID 19.

In recent years, modern office architecture has been promoting open group work with open space offices that have increased communication and teamwork between groups.

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID 19) and the need to reduce the density of office workers, interior office architecture is adapting to the new data. The main concern of the administrations, the human resources departments and the engineers is the creation of a workplace, which will ensure a sense of security and partitioning with soundproofing materials such as Plexiglas and glass.

This new need should by no means solve one problem (partitioning) and create another (resonance and noisy environment). That’s why our company has created a new line of products that always prioritize sound absorption and proper office acoustics to meet the new needs created by the coronavirus (COVID 19).

As mentioned in detail in our relevant article from March 2017, acoustic well-Being (with sound-absorbing materials) is one of the main factors influencing staff productivity. For this reason, hard materials (plexiglass type) which are seemingly easy to clean and ensure the required health standards should be used on a case-by-case basis and after examining whether there is the required sound absorption in the space.

In these critical and unprecedented situations created by the coronavirus with the COVID 19 pandemic, it is important that the design of the workplace is human-centered and ensures, in addition to productivity, safety and hygiene. Noise, resonance and privacy are extremely important parameters for workers’ mental health and should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

But for those who insist on using transparent Plexiglass dividers / protectors, we have recently created a new DIVISO series of dividers / protectors to which additional sound-absorbing “pads” can be adapted, which do not need to cover the entire surface of Plexiglas. In this way the partial visual communication is maintained while at the same time the sound absorption in the area of ​​speech is increased.

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