Quiet please! “Noise Awareness Day”

Quiet please! “Noise Awareness Day”

On Wednesday, April 29th, people and organizations around the world commemorated the 20th annual International Noise Awareness Day. Why, you might be wondering, do we need a day to be specifically aware of noise? Our world is a noisy place, from big public events like concerts and sporting arena to the city street to those tiny ear buds we use to listen to music.

Given the opportunity of Noise Awareness Day we urge you to think about what you can do to reduce the impact of noise on others by adequate soundproofing and vibration control.

Additionally, think about some of the ways you, your family and your community may be exposed to prolonged loud noise:
• Loud machinery at work that is lacking industrial soundproofing
• Frequent use of a chain saw, lawn mower, riding tractor and other machinery at home
• Frequent use of ear buds with the volume turned high
• Attendance at loud concerts or sporting events

Alpha Acoustiki would like to share some tips for protecting our hearing:

• When using music players, follow the 80-90 rule – listen to music players at no more than 80 percent volume for no longer than 90 minutes.
• Always wear earplugs or earmuffs when using power equipment such as lawn mowers, chainsaws and power tools.
• If you commute to work, carry earplugs with you so you can slip them on if you need them.
• Wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones when you fly. Although airplane cabins don’t present a noise hazard, you’ll feel less fatigued and more refreshed after the flight.
• It’s also important to get evaluated by a doctor or audiologist if you feel like you are suffering from hearing loss. Early warning signs of noise-induced hearing loss can include ringing in the ears or difficulty hearing in crowds.

The table below shows noise levels and how long a person can be exposed without hearing protection before there is damage to the ear.
Noise Level Allowable Exposure Time
85 decibels 8 hours
90 decibels 4 hours
100 decibels 1 hour
105 decibels 30 minutes
110 decibels 15 minutes
115 decibels 0 minutes

Exposure to unwanted noise can cause stress and interfere with basic activities such as sleep, rest and study. Prolonged exposure can also trigger illnesses as serious as hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This has recently been documented in the report ‘Burden of disease from environmental noise’ from the World Health Organization (WHO), which estimates that each year Europeans lose at least one million healthy life years due to noise from road traffic alone.
A global noise awareness day can do a lot to bring attention to the harmful effects of exposure to loud noise but also to soundproofing methods to reduce the unwanted noise. If you believe your home or workplace is exposed to noise, please contact us at info@alphacoustic.com and we will be happy to advice on ways on reducing noise and vibration. Our acoustic consultants with experience in industrial sound proofing, noise control and vibration isolation will be happy to assist you in adequate selection of the acoustic method.

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