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We are proud to announce that the new demonstration video on one of our newest products is available online at the ALPHAcoustic CITY Wood page. Alternatively please click at the below link:

ALPHAcoustic City wood

Sound Diffuser ALPHAcoustic CITY Wood

Adding sound diffusser to an acoustic room treatment can improve the speech intelligibility and improve the overall listening environment within the room, without adding excessive amounts of sound absorption materials. Specially designed acoustic diffusers ALPHAcoustic-CITY. WOOD help in conserving sound energy and also help spread it around to achieve even distribution.

The main competitive advantage of sound diffuser ALPHAcoustic CITY.WOOD is not only the acoustic performance. What makes this sound diffuser so unique is its design and quality production.

That makes it easily adjustable in a wide range of spaces. From professional recording or rehearsal studios to home cinemas and home listening spaces. Sound diffusers ALPHAcoustic CITY.WOOD is designed to scatter or disperse sound waves, thereby reducing standing waves and echoes and creating a better acoustic environment.

Our newest sound diffuser is the 3rd model added to our existing product range. So far sound diffusers made of polystyrene were available, offering spectacular acoustic characteristics (sound diffusion-sound absorption), but a sound diffuser made of real wood  improves the aesthetics and the overall feel of the acoustic product. That requirement motivated us in creating one of the most unique acoustic products, that combines diverse aesthetic results (different colours) and outstanding acoustic treatment in an acoustic sensitive space.

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