New room acoustic improvement product!

Continuing our successful legacy in creating new specialized products that improve room acoustics, The R&D department of Alpha Acoustiki, designed a new innovative sound absorbing product called POLYfon which comes in 55mm thick slabs.

POLYfon comprises 60x60mm slabs of polyurethane in semi-closed cell foam with a specially configured surface for greater sound absorption and an impressively innovative design.

On its top surface a very thin layer of membrane can be added which increases sound absorption in low frequencies. Additionally diffusion of sound within the premises is also achieved.

The membrane used for the diffusion can be made of acrylic material, plywood, formica, cork and any semi-rigid surface which can be curved. The acrylic membrane can be covered with any type of fabric or any adhesive printing, achieving different aesthetic results.

Please contact us for more technical information on POLYfon and our proposal for acoustic improvement at your space. Email us at or call +302106779875.

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