New collab with Heaven Audio | Acoustic Improvements for a premium Hi-Fi showroom

heaven audio Collaboration with alpha acoustiki s.a.

heaven audio & alpha acoustiki collaboration


Creating the perfect sound in your studio or listening area, isn’t just about having the best equipment; it’s also about how you manage the acoustics. Whether you’re listening to music, mixing tracks, or producing podcasts, the right acoustic environment is crucial. Here’s how we helped one of the most premium Hi-Fi listening areas in Athens Greece. Heaven Audio is one of our partners and one of the most experienced Hi-Fi stores in Europe.

See how our collaboration contributed in achieving top-notch acoustic improvements in the Hi-Fi studio with the use of acoustic panels, sound diffusers and bass traps.



acoustic panels application by alpha acoustiki in heaven audio studios

acoustic panels application by alpha acoustiki in heaven audio studios

Understanding Studio Acoustics

Before diving into solutions, it’s essential to understand the basics of studio acoustics. Sound waves bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings, creating reflections that can interfere with the clarity of your recordings. Uncontrolled reflections can cause problems such as echo, reverb, and uneven frequency response. Effective acoustic treatment minimizes these issues, leading to clearer, more accurate sound by utilising acoustic panels, sound diffusers and bass traps.







Acoustic Treatment Basics

  1. Absorption: This involves using materials that soak up sound waves, reducing reflections. Common materials include acoustic panels and bass traps.
  2. Diffusion: Diffusers scatter sound waves in different directions, preventing them from bouncing back into the room in a uniform pattern. This helps to eliminate echo and maintain a natural sound. An indicative product is ALPHAcoustic Oceanos.
  3. Isolation: This involves creating a barrier to prevent sound from entering or leaving the studio. This is crucial for keeping outside noise from interfering with your recordings and preventing your work from disturbing others. An indicative product is ISOLFON Barrier.



heaven audio sound measurements by alpha acoustiki



Acoustic Solutions

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI offered a range of products designed to enhance the listening space in Heaveν Audio’s premises.  Here’s the solutions w they can help:

  1. Acoustic Panels: ALPHAcoustic AP acoustic panels are made from high-quality, sound-absorbing materials. These acoustic panels were be strategically placed on walls and ceilings to reduce reflections and absorb excess sound. They were manufactued in various sizes and designs to fit the studio’s aesthetic and acoustic needs.
  2. Bass Traps: ALPHAcoustic Trap Low-frequency bass traps were placed in the corners of the room, in order to absorb low frequencies, preventing them from muddying the listening experience of the Hi-Fi speakers.
  3. Diffusers: To maintain a natural sound without deadening the listening room, ALPHAcoustic Oceanos diffusers were installed to scatter sound waves. This can enhance the spatial quality of your recordings, making them sound more open and lively.


The methodology we used Up Your Studio

  1. Assess the Space: Begin by evaluating the studio. Identify areas where sound reflections are most problematic and where bass frequencies build up.
  2. Plan the Treatment: Based on the assessment, we planned where to place sound absorption panels, bass traps, and diffusers. Typically, acoustic panels are placed at reflection points on walls and ceiling, bass traps in corners, and diffusers on the rear walls.
  3. Install Step-by-Step: We started with the most critical areas first, the corners for bass traps and the primary reflection points for acoustic panels. Gradually we customized the solution and added more treatment as needed, testing the studio’s sound.
  4. Fine-Tune: After the initial setup, we spent time listening and adjusting. We moved acoustic panels and added additional treatment to fine-tune the acoustics until the desired sound was achieved.


acoustic panels application by alpha acoustiki in heaven audio studios



ALPHAcoustic products are designed with the highest standards of quality and performance in mind. By choosing ALPHA ACOUSTIKI S.A., you’re not only investing in excellent acoustic solutions but also in products that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Our expert team can provide guidance and support, ensuring that your studio sounds as good as it looks.


heaven audio studio complete applicationheaven audio studios by alpha acoustiki


Heaven Audio is one the most experienced companies of Hi Fi audio systems in Europe and they valued us with their trust and collaboration. We can’t wait to discuss about your project and utilize our acoustic treatment solutions in offering an adequate listening experience.

Creating the perfect acoustic environment in your studio can transform your recordings and elevate your production quality. With ALPHA ACOUSTIKI, you’re one step closer to achieving that professional sound. Explore their range of acoustic improvement products and take your studio to the next level. Happy listening!

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