Isolfon soundproofing products: now available at Public!

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ALPHA Acoustiki is happy to announce the expansion of our sales distribution in Greece and Cyprus with the establishment of a new partnership with Retail World Ltd (known as Public). Since 2005, Public has shown consistent growth becoming one of the largest Consumer Electronics & Appliances Industries in Greece. Henceforth, its product range is expanding with soundproofing products, sound-absorbing materials and anti-vibration control pads.

Having great penetration rates in the global market of acoustics solutions Isolfon acoustic products, anti-vibration pads, and Izifon sound-absorbing slabs are now part of online catalogue and can be found on all chain’s market points in Greece and Cyprus.

This collaboration starts with an ambition to further promote POLYFON soundproofing and sound-absorption products to a greater retail audience. Hi-end audio enthusiasts, DJs, musicians have now access to great acoustic products that improve both visually and sonically their experience at home studio, home, office or any living place. Be sure to find them in their 57 retail branches or online at

public eshop




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